Leap Warrior Ninja Waiver

Please Fill Out the Form Below if you plan on visiting or utilizing our facility

Party Guidelines

All guests must wear athletic shoes. Something with a solid rubber sole with plenty of grips is best.

Please – no flip-flops, socks, work boots, or shoes with jewelry or sharp add-ons.

Soft foam bottom shoes are ok except for the warp walls where they do not have enough grip and tend to disintegrate when you go up and down the walls.

All participating attendees must be 4 years of age and older AND have a waiver signed by their PARENT/GUARDIAN.

Waivers are available at /waiver/

Please share this link with the party guests.

The party length is 1 hour and 45 minutes. We will start cleaning at this time.

The first 90 minutes will be in the ninja gym with an instructor. The final 15 minutes will be for food and refreshments in the party area.

You can add drinks, snacks, and other merchandise to the bill at any time during the party.

The final payment for the party will be made at the end of the party.

All participants must be included in the party count (including siblings). Children not old enough to participate are welcome to watch from the party area with their parents.

You may bring whatever food you would like for your party, but it must remain in the party area and not make it out onto the gym floor. Our instructor can help you pass out food in the party area.

No alcohol is permitted in our facility.

Bring your own table coverings, plates, utensils, and napkins. Unless you pick the option where we provide all of the paper, plates, and other supplies.

Our instructors are included in the party price. Tips for instructors are optional but always appreciated.

Parents of party guests are to remain in the party area. Any parents on the gym floor must also have on appropriate footwear, a signed waiver, and a wristband.

The gym is open to the public during the party (except during private party option).

$100 is non-refundable if you cancel your party.



Our Location

LEAP Address: 4037 East Grand Ave. Suite C, Laramie, WY 82070

Gym: Close to Walmart and I-80, plenty of parking.

Phone: (307) 417-0408

Email: info@leapwyo.com


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